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August 27, 2019 Meeting Summary

Note: The Meeting Summary is an abbreviated summary of the most recent board meeting. It is provided to keep the public informed until the official minutes of the board meeting are approved.

Call to Order – Chairman White called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Board members present were J.B. White, Eddie Roberts, Jr., Eddie Ford & Harvey Norris. Staff members present were Marcie Seleb, general manager, and Alyssa Hopson, clerk to the board.

Approval of Minutes from July 16, 2019 Meeting – Mr. Roberts made a motion to dispense with the reading of, and to approve, the minutes from the July 16, 2019 meeting. This was seconded by Mr. Norris and approved unanimously.

Bid Pricing Review on Budgeted Heavy Equipment – Ms. Seleb presented three bids for a new skid steer to be used at the Land Application System. AgPro had the lowest bid with a John Deere 325G at $55,197.04. Mr. Norris made a motion to accept the bid. This was seconded by Mr. Ford and approved unanimously.

Ms. Seleb presented three bids for a new mini excavator. Yancey Brothers had the highest bid at $58,854, but the performance is better by crew members who demonstrated the equipment. Mr. Ford made a motion to purchase the Caterpillar excavator. This was seconded by Mr. Roberts and approved unanimously.

Ms. Seleb presented finance options for the new equipment. Bancorp South had the lowest interest rate at 3.74% for three years. Mr. Ford made a motion to accept Bancorp’s quote. This was seconded by Mr. Norris and approved unanimously.

Cell Phone Use Policy – Ms. Seleb presented a cell phone use while on the job policy. Mr. Roberts would like to meet will all department supervisors concerning this matter. The Board decided to table this discussion for the September board meeting.

Burt Jones joined the meeting.

Manager’s Report

Construction – Ms. Seleb reported the Authority’s crew is about 75% complete on the GA Hwy. 16 water extension from Jackson Road to near the Spalding County line. Pyles Plumbing started clearing on GA Hwy. 16 for the sewer main extension in the same area.

Riverview Sewer Line Breach- Ms. Seleb reported that on August 5, 2019, Pyles Plumbing punctured a sewer force main at Riverview Park while installing a service line for a new business. An estimated 2500 gallons of wastewater leaked into a nearby stream of water. Even though Pyles Plumbing was at fault, it is unclear if the Authority will receive a violation from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division for this spill.

Service Line Complaint – Ms. Seleb reported a customer at 136 Wilder Road had a large leak on his side of the meter. The customer believes the Authority is at fault due to stress put on his piping during a meter change out done in 2013. It was agreed that this was highly unlikely. Ms. Seleb recommended defaulting to the Board’s current policy of one year maximum window for the Authority to take responsibility for customer issues after work was done.

New Hire – Mr. Norris made a motion to affirm the hiring of Jonathan Womack as a distribution operator. This was seconded by Mr. Roberts and approved unanimously.

Temporary Customer Service Hire – Ms. Seleb reported a temporary customer service clerk will be hired to fill in while Amber Eason is on maternity leave.

Assistant General Manager – Ms. Seleb will advertise for an assistant general manager job opening in the upcoming weeks.

Financial Report – The monthly financial report for Water & Sewer Operations, Water and Sewer Capital Recovery Fees, and Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax was presented.

Adjourn – A motion was made by Mr. Ford to adjourn the meeting at 6:15 p.m. This was seconded by Mr. Norris and approved unanimously.


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