Sewer Connection Fees
Sewer Capital Recovery Fee Schedule  
Residential 1.00000 per household $3,275.00
Motel 0.33333 per room $1,075.00
Service Station 7.66667 each $25,150.00
Restaurant 0.15000 per seat $500.00
Hospital 0.66667 per room $2,200.00
Industrial/Commercial/Office no food services, no showers 0.08333 per employee $275.00
Industrial/Commercial/Office no food services w/ showers 0.11667 per employee $400.00
Retail Store & Shopping Centers 0.33333 per 1000 s.f. $1,075.00
Per gallon per day fee   per gallon $17.15
  The Capital Recovery Fee is calculated by multiplying the fee per unit times the number of units for a particular development. Multi-use facilities will be the combination of fees for each use. An alternate Capital Recovery Fee calculation may be made by multiplying the gallons per day fee times the average daily water consumption. This alternate may be applied where there is a history of water use or where the average daily water use can be estimated with a high degree of accuracy. In no case will the Capital Recovery Fee be less than the fee for one (1) Equivalent Dwelling Unit. Customers are also required to pay a Security Deposit of $75.00 per unit. Sewer Connection Fee When a connection by the Authority is necessary, the fee for connecting a building sewer onto the Authority's collection system determined individually by calculating the cost of labor and materials.