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Establish Service

New Connections

  • We are happy to assist you in making a new connection to our system.  When a water main already exists on your road, a tap can be made and a meter set in anywhere along the front of your property at the edge of  the right of way.
  • Depending on where you tie onto the water or sewer systems, new connection fees may include a tap fee, a meter fee, and/or a capital recovery fee.  
    • A Tap Fee is charged to cover the actual costs of tapping the water main & installing a water service.
    • A Meter Fee is charged in lieu of a Tap Fee in subdivisions where the developer has already installed the water taps.
    • A Capital Recovery Fee is charged to help pay for system improvements needed to support new water users moving into our system. Capital Recovery Fees are always charged except on new water main installation projects on existing county roads that have never had public water.  The links that follow take you to the complete schedule of fees for new water and sewer connections.

Moving into an Existing Connection

  • If you are activating a inactive account that already has water and/or sewer service you will be required to pay a $35.00 activation fee.  You’ll also need to post a security deposit as shown below.  Call us at (770) 775-0042 for information on any specific address.

Security Deposits and Usage Fees 

Forms for New Service