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Construction Notes for New Plan Sheets

These are the notes that should appear on all engineering plans for new water infrastructure designed by developers.

  1. All water mains installed within the Butts County Water and Sewer Authority service area must meet the Authority’s specifications.
  2. All plans for extensions must be reviewed and approved by the Butts County Water and Sewer Authority, separate from the Butts County Community Development review process.
  3. A preconstruction conference with the installer is required prior to the beginning of any installation.
  4. Water lines are to be constructed per Butts County’s utilitiy placement standards and at a typical and minimum depth of 48″.
  5. All service tubing for taps sized 1″ and smaller shall be typed “K” soft copper tubing.
  6. In residential subdivisions:
    • the Butts County Water and Sewer Authority will set water meters in meter boxes installed by the contractor, and
    •water service taps shall be made such that the meter box centers on the lot whenever possible. When meter boxes must be placed at lot corners, they should be placed at least 5′ from property pins so as to not interfere with other utility service connections.
  7. All gate valves are to be installed outside of pavement and curb.
  8. The spacing between fire hydrants will not be more than the distance shown for development types as follows: 500′ apart for single family residential developments, 400′ apart for industrial/commercial developments, and 750′ apart for existing county roads.
  9. Temporary water main ends shall be equipped with restrained joint plugs or caps. If concrete thrust blocks are used, they shall be installed such that they do not cover or interfere with access to the temporary main end for future expansion.
  10. Valves near tees and/or crosses shall be restrained to tee or cross by threaded rods or anchoring pipe/fittings.
  11. Valve markers must be obtained directly from the Butts County Water and Sewer Authority.
  12. In areas with curb and gutter, mark each meter box with a “w” cut into top of curb and mark each valve box with a “v” cut into top of curb.
  13. Coated 14 gauge locate wire is required to be installed with any non-metal piping.
  14. All tie-ins to the existing system must be preformed in the presence of Authority staff.
  15. Prior to initiation of service, the extension project must pass a full physical inspection, including a pressure test and bacteria test.
  16. The installer will maintain field “as-built” drawings and will measure and show installed locations of all mains, valves, hydrants, and services.
  17. Refer to Butts County Water and Sewer Authority’s detail drawings and Material Specification Summary for additional information.