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May 11, 2010 Regular Board Meeting

Posted on: May 11th, 2010

Call to Order – Chairman White called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Board members present were J. B. White, Bob Harris, Harvey Norris, Wesley Keber; Authority staff members present were Marcie Seleb and Joyce Hosey. 
Opening Prayer – Mr. Keber opened the meeting with a prayer.
Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting – Mr. Harris made a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes from the April 15, 2010 meeting and approve the same. This was seconded by Mr. Keber and approved unanimously.
Consider Letter of Support for Flovilla Sewer System – The City of Flovilla has requested that a letter of understanding be prepared which indicates the Authority’s support for the planned Flovilla sewer system. After discussion, the Board agreed to have Ms. Seleb prepare a letter that verifies the Authority’s support as long as the sewer system service area is equal to the current water system service area, and as long as only Plymale Creek is used for a discharge of treated wastewater.
A map of the Flovilla Sewer system is attached and made a part of these minutes.
Update on Employment Incentive Program (EIP) / One Georgia Equity Grant Applications – Ms. Seleb advised the Board that the grant applications are moving forward rapidly with the assistance of Mike Lott of Rindt-McDuff Engineers and Aronda Smith of Three Rivers Regional Commission. The total budget for the Hwy. 16 interchange project is $1,000,000 with the Authority agreeing to put up $50,000 cash from Sewer Capital Recovery fees and providing in-kind labor and equipment on some of the planned gravity sewer. The board agreed to apply for a GEFA loan, if necessary, as part of the requirements for the One Georgia Equity grant.
Maps are attached and made a part of these minutes.
Select Engineer for EIP Grant and OneGeorgia Grant – Ms. Seleb advised the Board that the engineer selected for the EIP grant must be chosen through a competitive proposal process. One Georgia does not require competition, but because the engineering for both grants comes from the same sewer project at the Highway 16 interchange on I-75, the process of selection is for both grants.
Ms. Seleb sought proposals from seven different firms. Proposals were received from Rindt-McDuff, Lanier, and Stevenson & Palmer. Ms. Seleb and Mr. Harris reviewed and rated the proposals according to the following criteria: previous experience working with the Authority, knowledge of this project, technical qualifications, experience with similar projects, timeliness, and pricing. Rindt-McDuff scored the highest of the three bidders. 
Rindt-McDuff proposed to do the preliminary engineering report at no charge and do detailed engineering for a negotiated fee of 8-10 percent of construction cost. A motion was made by Mr. Norris to award the project to Rindt-McDuff and seconded by Mr. Harris. This was approved unanimously. Mr. White abstained from the vote.
Consider Agreement for Summerworks Program – Ms. Seleb advised the Board of a “Summerworks” Program sponsored by the West Central Georgia Workforce Investment Board. This is a stimulus-funded program and pays all wages and workers’ compensation insurance for youth aged 15 – 21 for summer jobs. Ms. Seleb has applied for two positions, one position to work with the pipe crew and one position at the LAS.
A motion was made by Mr. Norris to enter into an agreement with Workforce Investment Board for this program. This was seconded by Mr. Harris and approved unanimously.
Public Hearing on Potential GEFA SRF Water Project – (6:00) – Mrs. Bonnie Barnaby, a Butts County resident, joined the meeting for the public hearing on proposed water improvements. Ms. Barnaby was the only meeting attendee outside of the board members and staff present.
Ms. Seleb went over the details of the proposed project which includes an elevated water tank to serve north and west Butts County along with necessary distribution system connection lines.
Ms. Seleb explained that the project is needed to add pressure to higher elevation service areas around the City of Jenkinsburg and north Butts County. It is also needed to augment storage to accommodate anticipated growth on the Interstate 75 corridor, and to provide backup system pressure to allow for maintenance of the existing Highway 16 tank.
Maps are attached and made a part of these minutes.
Ms. Seleb went on to review the four alternative sites of adequate elevation that were considered and costs estimated for each. A map detailing each site and a table summarizing costs are attached and made a part of these minutes. The only site that would provide benefit to both the interstate corridor and north-central Butts County would be within the City of Jenkinsburg and carried an estimated price tag of $1.4 million.
Ms. Seleb discussed potential environmental impacts. Because this project would take place within the developed portion of Jenkinsburg and along established public rights of way, impacts are considered minimal. The project will require the abandonment of some undersized asbestos-cement pipe within the City of Jenkinsburg which would result in a long term environmental benefit.
Ms. Seleb stated that the project would serve approximately 20,000 persons and would have an expected life of fifty years or more. She also provided estimates of the financial impact to water users. Without a loan forgiveness subsidy, the project would have a monthly loan payment of approximately $8500 over a twenty-year period. Assuming that one-half of that amount would be paid with Water Capital Recovery Fees, that would leave a monthly cost of $4250 to be split among approximately 6,000 water customers, or $.71 per user. Board member Wesley Keber stated that the City of Jenkinsburg supported the project and was interested in participating in it financially.
Ms. Barnaby stated that she had come to the hearing because she thought it might be about a sewer project. There were no questions. Chairman White declared the hearing closed.
Manager’s Report

Update on Construction Projects

  • Isaac Head Road Extension – Sufficient taps have been sold for the Isaac Head Road extension to meet the ten customers per mile requirement. Board members approved scheduling of the work.
  • System Maintenance – The crew continues to do valve and hydrant marking. 
  • Colwell Road Connector – Materials are ready for the installation of the Colwell Road connector. The Authority is awaiting plans on the revised alignment of the I-75 bore for this project. The approximate cost for the bore is $65,000.
  • Shop Site Improvements – The crew is planning to replace existing fencing and signage at the Brownlee Road shop and will include a tree planted in memory of Michael Watts, an employee who was tragically killed in an automobile accident last year.

Commercial Activity Picking Up – The Georgia Department of Corrections is considering installation of two new large water taps as part of improvements at the Georgia Diagnostic Prison. A new convenience store is being reviewed at the intersection of Four Points Road and GA Hwy. 36.

Operations Report – Total water billed for April was $189,236 with a total customer base of 5,206. This was the largest April billing on record by $15,000, but was still down by $8,000 from March. Sewer billing for April was also the record for that month by $7,000, but was down $3,500 from March. Total sewer billed was $31,809 with a total customer base of 127.

The average daily water pumped to the Authority, Jackson and Jenkinsburg from the Ocmulgee and Stewart plants was 2.1 MGD, with maximum of 2.3 MGD. The rolling 12-month average loss was 12.5%. The total amount of water pumped in April 2010 per plant was: Burford – 63 MG; Stewart – 8 MG. The average wastewater influent at the Bucksnort Ranch LAS was .234/.550 MGD with a maximum 7-day effluent of .269/.550 MGD.

Consider Ad in Chamber of Commerce’s Directory – The Board opted not to purchase an ad in a planned Chamber of Commerce Directory/Magazine.

Ready-Pac – Ms. Seleb advised the Board that she has a request from Ready-Pac for reimbursement of company losses on November 4, 2009 due to problems that Ready Pac contends resulted from a water main break near Jackson. Authority attorney Will White has already responded with a letter which states that the Authority has no liability in the matter.

A copy of the request and response from the Authority’s lawyer is attached and made a part of these minutes.

Ocmulgee Watershed Plan Forecast Numbers – The Board reviewed current projections for future water and wastewater use in Butts County as prepared by engineering contractors working on the Middle Ocmulgee Watershed Plan for the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. Ms. Seleb recommended revisions showing a higher percentage of population to be served by public water and sewer in the coming years. She also recommended that the plan reflect a development of some groundwater to augment surface water. Detailed figures on proposed numbers and revisions are attached and made a part of these minutes. The board directed Ms. Seleb to request the revisions as presented.

Financial Report – Ms. Seleb went over the financial summary for Water & Sewer Operations and SPLOST through April 2010. All funds are within budget for Fiscal Year 2010, which is 83.3% expired.
A copy of the financial summaries, as well as combined balance sheets and income statements is attached and made a part of these minutes.
Rate quotes for funds available from certificates of deposit totaling $4.6 million and maturing May 13, 2010 were reviewed. While quotes were requested from five financial institutions only United Bank and First National Bank of Barnesville elected to quote with rates as shown below:

  • United Bank – 3 month CD – .70%; 6 month CD – .945%; money market account- 1.34% (money market subject to change without notice)
  • First National of Barnesville – 3 month CD – 1.15%; 6 month CD – 1.30%; money market account – 1.63% (maximum $2,500,000 accepted)

A motion was made by Mr. Keber to put $2,500,000 in First National Bank of Barnesville’s money market account and to put the remainder in United Bank’s money market account. This was seconded by Mr. Norris and approved unanimously.
Review Bills Paid – Board members reviewed check registers and credit card statements for the month of April 2010.
A copy of these check registers is attached and made a part of these minutes.
Adjourn – A motion was made by Mr. Keber to adjourn meeting at 6:50 p.m. This was seconded by Mr. Norris and approved unanimously.