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September 13, 2010 Regular Board Meeting

Posted on: September 13th, 2010

Call to Order – Chairman White called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Board members present were J. B. White, Robert Harris, Harvey Norris, Wesley Keber & Burt Jones; Authority staff members present were Marcie Seleb, Joyce Hosey and Herbert Head.
Opening Prayer – Mr. Norris opened the meeting with a prayer.
Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting – Mr. Harris made a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes from the August 10, 2010 meeting and approve the same. This was seconded by Mr. Norris and approved unanimously.
Presentation of Platinum & Gold Awards – The Board was advised of the awards presented to Authority facilities by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals: tenth consecutive Platinum Award for the Burford (Ocmulgee) Plant; tenth consecutive Platinum Award for the Bucksnort Ranch Land Application System; third consecutive Gold Award for Stewart (Towaliga) Plant.
Water Production Superintendent Herbert Head received words of congratulation and appreciation from the board.
Write-off of Uncollectible Accounts – A motion was made by Mr. Keber to write off $406.61 of uncollectible accounts based upon adopted policy. This was seconded by Mr. Jones and approved unanimously. A copy of these write-offs is attached and made a part of these minutes.
Manager’s Report

Update on Construction Projects

  • Taps Sold – Four taps were sold in August. Two of these were regular taps on existing roads and two were construction taps for Walt Banks Road.
  • Colwell Road 12-inch Main – The crew has installed the 12-inch main from the recycling center on Colwell Road to Harkness Road and is ready for the contractor to bore I-75. Easements have been agreeing to by property owners on the west side of I-75 on Colwell Road at Cabin Creek. This will continue to be the main project over the next month.
  • Leaks – There were a number of service line breaks over the past month, including a repair that took twenty-four hours to complete on a two-inch main in the Harbour Shores subdivision.
  • Dead End Line Flushing – While the flushing program is being worked more stringently than in the past, the Authority has been getting complaints about discolored water for the last two months in isolated pockets of the distribution system. This is due to manganese that precipitates out of solution after leaving the plant. Manganese rises on the river when Georgia Power operates Lloyd Shoals at high rates during peak electric loads. Both plant operators and distribution operators are working to reduce this problem to the extent possible. Georgia Diagnostic & Classification Center – Two vaults are ready to be installed at the prison for new six-inch services.
  • Isaac Head Road – The engineer is still working on design and staff on acquisition of easements and right of way.
  • Walt Banks Road – One more tap must be sold to achieve the number needed to begin this project.
  • Hwy. 42 North Relocate – The Authority continues to assist the Department of Transportation (DOT) in the relocation of water main on Hwy. 42 N where passing lanes are being installed. The DOT is installing HDPE pipe to get under a creek just outside of Jackson.

Operations Report – Water billing for August, at $224,548, was the second largest ever, but was down $8,000 from July, with a total customer base of 5,209. Sewer billing for August, at $29,896, was the largest August ever by $400 and was up $2,000 from July with an active customer base of 127.

The average daily finished water pumped in August to the Authority, Jackson and Jenkinsburg from the Ocmulgee and Stewart plants was 2.3 MGD, with a maximum of 2.7 MGD. The rolling 12-month average loss was 12.4%. The total amount of finished water pumped in August 2010 per plant was: Burford – 64 MG; Stewart – 7 MG. The average wastewater influent at the Bucksnort Ranch LAS was .207 with an average daily effluent of .122/.550 MGD and a maximum 7-day effluent of .180/.550 MGD.

A copy of these statistics is attached and made a part of these minutes.

Update on Health Insurance – Ms. Seleb advised the Board that she is requesting qualifications from brokers with a deadline of September 25, 2010. At that time she will select two to provide proposals for new insurance year to begin January 1, 2011.

The existing health provider, Coventry, has released renewal pricing set for November 1, 2010 with a 29% increase. It was noted that Coventry no longer includes the Tenet Healthcare group of hospitals in its network. This includes the two most local hospitals-Jackson’s Sylvan Grove and Griffin’s Spalding Regional.

Update on Middle Ocmulgee Water Council and EPD – Ms. Seleb advised the Board that Commissioner Gator Hodges has replaced Van Whaler on the water council. She is now serving on the technical advisory subcommittee. There is a big push to complete the draft by January 2011.

Ms. Seleb advised the Board that the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) is processing the Authority’s renewal withdrawal permit on the Ocmulgee River. She went on to say that the EPD is adopting a revised standards for water quality. This should include a designation of the section of the Ocmulgee where the Authority’s intake resides as “drinking water.” Also, the new Water Stewardship Act law will require cities and counties to adopt State outdoor watering restrictions by January 2011.

Financial Report – Ms. Seleb went over the financial summary for Water & Sewer Operations and SPLOST through August 2010. Copies of the financial summaries, combined balance sheets, and income statements are attached and made a part of these minutes.
Review Bills Paid – Board members reviewed check registers and credit card statements for the month of August 2010. A copy of these check registers is attached and made a part of these minutes.
Adjourn – A motion was made by Mr. Jones to adjourn meeting at 6:15 p.m. This was seconded by Mr. Keber and approved unanimously.