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January 09, 2018 Regular Board Meeting

Posted on: February 15th, 2018

Call to Order – Chairman White called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m. Board members present were J. B. White, Eddie Roberts, Jr., Eddie Ford & Harvey Norris. Also in attendance were Shon Hampton, representing the Watkins & Associates engineering firm, and Laura Hale Sistrunk, representing the Butts County Development Authority. Staff members present were Marcie Seleb, general manager, and Alyssa Hopson, clerk to the board.
Approval of Minutes from December 12, 2017 Meeting – Mr. Roberts made a motion to dispense with the reading of and to approve the minutes from the December 12, 2017 meeting. This was seconded by Mr. Norris and approved unanimously.
Request for Payment – Shon Hampton of Watkins & Associates requested payment for pre-engineering work on the Ready Pac ground storage tank grant that did not move forward. Watkins & Associates invoiced the Authority for $14,682.50. Normally, in a grant project like this, the engineer provides preliminary work prior at no cost with the anticipation of payment for engineering services under the grant. The Board agreed on partial compensation for some of the cost and advised Ms. Seleb to determine an agreeable amount. Mr. Hampton excused himself from the meeting at 5:44 p.m.
Request for Water & Sewer Extension Assistance for New Development – The Board again considered Liberty Property and Trust’s request for extensions of water and sewer to a potential industrial site located on Highway 16 West at Wallace Road.
Ms. Seleb presented a preliminary cost estimate prepared by Ingram and Associates for sewer at $318,268.62 following a route across private property. The estimated cost for the water extension with the Authority providing labor and equipment was $200,335.75.
Laura Sistrunk asked the Authority to help with extending water and sewer to the site and stated the developer would need a decision within twenty days.
A called meeting was scheduled for Friday, January 12, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. to discuss the Authority’s capital improvement plan, which would need to be revised to include this work.
Ms. Sistrunk excused herself from the meeting at 6:36 p.m. Mr. Ford left the meeting at the same time to attend the Jenkinsburg City Council meeting. A copy of the preliminary cost estimate is attached and made part of these minutes.
Request for Sewer Extension Assistance for New Development – Ms. Seleb reported that property owner, Fred Kapadia, has requested assistance with a sewer extension to a motel site at the northwest corner Highway 16 W and Interstate 75. The nearest sewer manhole is approximately 1000 feet west of the site. Mr. Norris made a motion to get a cost estimate for the installation from an engineer. This was seconded by Mr. Roberts and approved unanimously.
Consider Board Policy for Service to Properties that Cross County Line – Ms. Seleb suggested the Authority consider adopting a board policy for water and sewer service to properties that cross county boundaries. She suggested that the Board consider service when at least sixty-percent within Butts County. This is the same criteria that is listed in the previously-adopted staff guideline for non-disclosure negotiations with developers. The Board decided to table this discussion for the February board meeting when more than three board members would be present.
Consider Board Policy for Capital Recovery Fee on Meter Size – Ms. Seleb reported that when customers upgrade their meter size by installing a new tap, the Authority does not have a policy for the capital recovery fee to be charged. Ms. Seleb recommended the Board adopt a policy requiring customers to pay the difference in current capital recovery fees between the two meter sizes. Mr. Roberts made a motion to adopt this policy. This was seconded Mr. Norris and approved unanimously.
Approve Quotes for Hydrants and Valves – Ms. Seleb presented a hydrant and valve price quote tabulation. She noted that the Authority has used the large inventory of hydrants and valves that was purchased a number of years ago. Consolidated Pipe and Supply had the lowest quote at $59,366.71. Mr. Norris made to accept Consolidated’s quote. This was seconded Mr. Roberts and approved unanimously. A copy of the quote tabulation is attached and made part of these minutes.
Review City of Griffin Wholesale Rate for 2018 – Ms. Seleb reported the City of Griffin 2018 wholesale rate raises pricing of water from $4.82 per 1000 gallons to $5.07 per 1000. This rate applies to customers on Chappell Mill Road, Fenner Road and the Brushy Creek Subdivision. A copy of a letter from the City and the wholesale rates calculation is attached and made part of these minutes.
Manager’s Report
Brownlee Road Water Main Installation – The East Ball bore has been completed.
Distribution Test – Four crew members are taking the distribution operator certification test on January 10, 2018.
Burford Plant – The Authority’s crew will assist Burford plant operators in installing additional filter media installation this week.
Service Line Breaks – The Authority’s crew continues to respond to service line breaks, repairing as needed.
Seed Grant for Litter Trap – Ms. Seleb reported the seed grant was submitted.
AT&T- Ms. Seleb reported AT&T’s contractors mis-marked a cable on Brownlee Road in August 2017. The Authority has received a bill of $2,264.87 for damages. Distribution superintendent Russell Nail has proof of the mis-marked cable, but has not been able to meet with anyone from AT&T to discuss this. AT&T has turned the Authority over to a collection agency.
Caldwell Tank – After fourteen months of no communication, the Authority received a counteroffer letter from Caldwell Tank for final payment on the West Butts Tank. Ms. Seleb stated that she and attorney William White will be meeting in the next few days to consider a response.
Operations Statistics – Ms. Seleb reviewed water production, water loss and customer statistics for December. The average daily finished water pumped in December to the Authority, Jackson and Jenkinsburg from Burford and Stewart plants was 2.0 million gallons per day, with a maximum of 2.4 million gallons per day. The rolling twelve-month average loss was 10.8% with the current monthly average loss at 17.2%. The total amount of finished water pumped in December by each plant was: Burford – 57 million gallons and Stewart – 6 million gallons.
Water billing for December 2017 was $209,828, down .4 % from the previous month and down 1% from the same month for the previous year.
Sewer billing for December 2017 was $44,220, up 36% from the previous month, and down 26% from the previous year.
Total water accounts numbered 5,563 at the end of December, with 5,090 active water customers. No new water taps were purchased on the existing system. Two construction taps and one subdivision meter were purchased during the month.
There were 174 total sewer accounts at the end of December, with 173 of those being active customers. No new sewer connections were purchased during the month.
Financial Report – Ms. Seleb reviewed the financial summary for Water & Sewer Operations, Capital Recovery Fees, and Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) for December 2017. Water operations income for December was $225,467 with $165,077 in expenses. Water capital recovery fee revenue for Fiscal Year 2018 thus far was $6,624 with an outflow of $39,984 for payment of the Sandy Creek Loan.
Sewer Operations income for December was $63,985 with expenses of $26,737. Sewer Capital Recovery Fee revenue for the fiscal year thus far was $21,886 with $0 in expenses. To date, $2,044,851 has been collected in 2013-19 SPLOST, with $ 1,179,530 expended.
Total cash on hand at the end of December 2017 was $10,065,265. This is $22,216 over the June 30, 2017 balance. Copies of the December 2017 financial summaries, the consolidated fund balance sheet, and the consolidated fund income statement are attached and made a part of these minutes.
Adjourn – A motion was made by Mr. Norris to adjourn the meeting at 7:13 p.m. This was seconded by Mr. Roberts and approved unanimously.